Autrey's Friendship Farms History

The Autrey Family moved to Texas in 1877 when Robert and Janie Autrey moved from Louisiana to East Texas by covered wagon.  They settled several hundred acres of land northwest of Maud, Texas.  This farm was to become Autrey's Friendship Farms and the nearby community was named Friendship which included Friendship Baptist Church.
The Autrey's had a large two story house, with a long veranda across the front and down one side.  It had a hall through the center and a service porch on the back.  The house was located near Caney Creek, where the family maintained livestock and farmed cotton.  The old house burned during the Great Depression.
The land Robert Martin Autrey purchased in Bowie County, Texas remains in the ownership of great-grandson, Roy J. Autrey.  Roy's father, Harvey J. Autrey, used the farm for over 40 years to produce fine Hereford and Black Angus cattle.  Roy graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Agriculture, specializing in the animal sciences.  Roy moved to DeQueen, Arkansas in 1993 where he had cattle, three broiler houses, and a 400 Sow, farrow to wean farm.  The Roy has four children:  Jennifer,  who loved to show pigs and make straight A"s in school.  Holly, the daughter that  has inherited her mother's talent for art and even now helps out with the animals.  Ryan, showed pigs, good at sports, graduated from Texas A&M ,  and Richard who loved showing any type of livestock,  especially his Angus cattle which won many awards.  They all are married now and have produced some fine grandchildren who will carry on the family traditions.
Early in 1999, Roy noticed some real excitement about goat farming as it had become very popular.  After attending several shows and educational seminars, the Autreys decided to purchase some breeding stock.  Nubians would be the first purchase with Boer goats to follow shortly.  The family has become totally involved with the goats, not to mention how excited the grandchildren became with the chores and showing their favorite animals. 

Now we have two farming operations, one in East Texas and one in DeQueen Arkansas.  Roy's time is divided between the farm and his Insurance Agency.

The legacy that I leave for future generations must be a strong love for the land, and the agricultural way of life which is so wholesome.  Good stewardship of our livestock, and environment is not just an obligation but a privilege left to us by our ancestors, who along with me, held the belief that we should defend our country.  There are radical forces within and from without who would try to erode our belief in God, our country's constitution and our Bill of Rights.  Our Christian heritage is paramount, as is our dependency on Jesus to guide our family, farm and country into a brighter and more productive future.

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