Autrey's Friendship Farms




It does not matter  if  you are a novice to the unique and exciting world of chickens or are a skilled and seasoned veteran, we feel confident that we have what you are looking for at Autrey’s Friendship Farms.

We are honored to have an extensive variety of rare and purebred chickens from some of the most respected breeders in the country. We are continually striving to improve each breed's desirable characteristics through selective and responsible breeding practices. The chicken hatching eggs and chicks you will receive from Autrey’s Friendship Farms are among the finest you will find anywhere.


Our chickens are always treated humanely and are hormone and stimulant free. They are fed the highest quality grains, fresh vegetation, and pure clean water daily. Each flock is offered grit and oyster shell to aid in digestion and strengthen egg shells. Organic apple cider vinegar is provided frequently to control parasites as well as deliver a wide variety of health benefits naturally. Our birds are given adequate space to range and weather resistant shelter at all times. Our birds are happy and content.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the generous variety of chicks and hatching eggs we offer and discovering each breed's unique attributes that make them special!







Roy Autrey
New Boston, Texas
Cell: 903-278-1111

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